PAKTEK INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. established in 1991 has been specializing in manufacturing Auto. Folder Gluer. To satisfy customer's demand on product quality and capacity, Paktek cooperates with other post-press converting machine manufacturers to provide a total solution line of a complete of Paper box Making Equipment. To manufacture high-quality Auto. Folder Gluer, Paktek founded its Taipei factory in Taiwan in 1998 to start the production of own brand of Paktek Auto. Folder Gluer.

  Paktek Auto. Folder Gluer is with world class technical standard with CE certification approved by TUV Rhineland Germany Company and has been aggressively penetrating the global market and living up to the highest expectations of customers all over the world through quality assurance and customer's satisfaction. The success in penetrating sales and marketing distribution to European Market, Asia, Middle East, China and Japan has made a remarkable gateway to customer interrelation. Because of the reasonable price and high performance, customer's investment recoveries in a short time. Paktek receives a very positive comment from customers.


1. Auto. Position computer control system has been achieved a prefect flexibility and friendly to operators to minimize the set-up time.
2. Equipped with Down Stacking and Square Device ( E、B、A Flute)
3. The newest type (can be advanced by adding optional 4 and 6 corner device)
4. The maximum working width is 1700mm.
5. Simple operation: The upper pressing bar can be adjusted by Air.
6.With Heavy Gear Box.
7. Equipped with Panel Movement by motorization.
8. Available for optional: Stopper / Regulator at Trombone Section.
9. New type Conveyor.