GM-300 Auto. Folder Gluer


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Equipment Introduction:

GM-300 Auto. Folder Gluer is specially designed for making baby boxes of straight-line design at high-speed production. Each component is designed for quick and easy operation to improve operators’ efficiency greatly.

Main Features:

Feeder Section

Equipped with special-made feeding knives and vibration motor to ensure high feeding stability.
With the support of Suction and Perforated Belts for correct feeding without skewness.

Pressing Conveyor Section

Fast and convenient adjustment to offer excellent pressure without re-opening issues. Electrical sensor control to automatically adjust the delivery speed working with the main machine.

Pre-Folder Section

It makes sure the correct creasing lines at high-speed production which is very helpful for automatic packing procedure later on.

Wireless Remote Controller

By Wireless Remotoe Controll, all the required function can be achieved on it.

Final-Folder Section

The speed of left and right folding belts is adjustable indpendently for convenient and fast operation..

Trombone Section

The extendable Pressing Bar is adjustable according to various designs of boxes.  Regardless of slow or high-speed production, it can automatically track the position.


Auto. Glue Injection System
Quality Assurance System
CE Certificate
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Packaging Product Examples:

Eraser box
Staple box
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Blank Size:

Straight Line

Straight Line"A"
Straight Line"B"
Straight Line"C"

60 to 300mm
35 to 250mm
35 to 145mm

Specification Table:

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