Paktek Industrial Co. Ltd.  based in Taipei, Taiwan and established in 1992 has almost 30-year experience on manufacturing post-press converting equipment especially of Auto. Folder Gluer.  The continuous research and development is to satisfy Paktek's clients on automatic production of diversity of carton design.  Starting from Taiwan, Paktek has become a global brand from Asia to all over the world.


More than 50 models of Auto. Folder Gluer are professionally manufactured from the basic standard straight-line design to intelligent automation machinery.   It is always Paktek's  belief that clients are their business partners for all the launch of prototypes and the continuous evolution to achieve the greatest success hand in hand together with clients.


At the same time, Paktek has been cooperating with the world-leading brand, Asahi Machinery, Japan, for the item of Platen Die cutter, to provide even more diverse service and enhanced product value.


There are many successful examples already to integrate the availability of turning device with taping function, glue detection and ejecting system, multiple-purpose Flute Laminating Machine working with Auto. Collecting and Tying System, etc.   Gathering the rich experience of professionals in various fields to provide customers with the most suitable solution is the core value that Paktek is proud of.

With the diversified and innovative capabilities of Paktek, through the point of view based on sustainable development, many of industrialists at home and abroad have chosen Paktek continuously in the production field of food, daily necessities, baking, stationery, medical, pharmaceuticals, hardware, plastic, toys, cosmetics, etc.   “Honesty and Reputation First” is deeply imprinted on the hearts of every member of Paktek.  Choosing Paktek is always the greatest honor to us.

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The most important matter is to help our clients for any problem that they encounter!

General Manager  Mr. T. H. Yu


In 2003, Benefit Machinery was established with the investment of USD3,500,000 and 20,000. square meter of space in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China.

As one of the members of Paktek Group, along the way from OEM production, Benefit have independently developed and successfully produced useful and practical packaging equipment such as Multiple-Piece Folder Gluer, Taping Machine and Mini Folder Gluer etc. to offer more diversified choices and services to customers locally in China and in different countries.


Pao Hon Machinery has been a professional manufacturer of Auto. Flute Laminators.  Through the friendly and close cooperation with between Paktek and Pao Hon, in 2008, the two companies are united.   Pao Hon becomes one of the members of Paktek Group.   The senior technical team of Pao Hon has already had more than 30-year experience on making Auto. Flute Laminators for the laminating duplex boards and corrugated boards.  Coupled with Paktek's international popularity, Pao Hon’s professionality is seen for the tremendous growth of Paktek to provide an excellent solution for packaging industry.

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