One & Multiple-Piece Folder Gluer


Equipment Introduction:

Multi-Functional Folder Gluer KS-1600/2100/2500M are newly developed and excellent for making one-piece, two-piece and multiple-piece cartons. The wide diversity of paper kinds such as duplex board 300gsm and up to AB corrugated boards with proper creasing lines is all applicable on the same machine. Regardless of RSC or irregular cartons the machine performance is outstanding, especially for large-scale corrugated cartons with high strength which is usually difficult for manual production.

Main Features:

HMI Touching Screen

By motor and screw drive for size and design adjustment, it takes 5-15 minutes only for changeover.

Hot Melt & Cold Glue Injection System

Equipped with independent Cold Glue and Hot Melt Auto. Glue Injection System for auto. glue application.

Production-mode choices

According to carton design and operator’s familiarity, choose the best way of production mode such as pedal, pressing button or auto. sensor detection. It improves the overall production effectively.

(The image shown here is indicative only. The actual product may differ.)


Cold Glue Injection System
Pressing Unit
Horizontal Counter Delivery
Electro-Hydraulic Lifting Tables
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Packaging Product Examples:

3-ply and 5-ply corrugated board
Large carton
Two-piece pizza box
Home appliance carton
Display shelf
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Blank Size:

Two-Piece RSC Carton

Two-Piece RSC Carton"A"
Two-Piece RSC Carton"B"
Two-Piece RSC Carton"C"
Two-Piece RSC Carton"D"
Two-Piece RSC Carton"E"
Two-Piece RSC Carton"F"

400 to 2,100 (1,600)mm
Min. 400mm
280 to 1,980 (1,480)mm
Min. 120mm
Max. 90mm
Min. 20mm

Customerized Carton

Customerized Carton"A"
Customerized Carton"B"
Customerized Carton"C"
Customerized Carton"D"
Customerized Carton"E"

400 to 2,100 (1600)mm
Min. 400mm
280 to 1,950 (1,450)mm
Min. 120mm
Min. 20mm

Irregular Carton

Irregular Carton"A"
Irregular Carton"B"
Irregular Carton"C"
Irregular Carton"D"
Irregular Carton"E"
Irregular Carton"F"

400 to 2,100 (1,600)mm
Min. 400mm
200 to 1,950 (1,450)mm
Min. 150mm
Max. 150mm
Min. 20mm

One-Piece Carton

One-Piece Carton"A"
One-Piece Carton"B"
One-Piece Carton"C"
One-Piece Carton"D"
One-Piece Carton"E"

800 to 4,200 (3,200)mm
Min. 400mm
280 to 1,980 (1,480)mm
Min. 120mm
Min. 20mm

Specification Table:

Product Video:


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