Auto. Clear Box Folder Gluer


Equipment Introduction:

Paktek has rich and long experience on Professional Plastic Clear Box Folder Gluer for the production of PP, PET and PVC boxes. The technical team can provide the most efficient solutions and solve existing production problems to free from new and established customers’ concern on production.

Main Features:


With special belts for smooth feeding without scratching issue.


Correct feeding without skewing or crushing plastic sheet, equipped with Regulator Section.

Pressurizing Carrier

Special bearings and belt carriers to ensure proper pressure without scratching problem.

Wireless Remote Control

All the necessary fucntions are built on the Remote Control.

(The image shown here is indicative only. The actual product may differ.)


Suction Feeder
Hot Melt Auto. Glue Injection System.
Quality Assurance System
CE Certificate
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Packaging Product Examples:

PP, PVC, PET packaging box
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Blank Size:

Straight Line

Straight Line"A"
Straight Line"B"
Straight Line"C"

100 to 750 (450)mm
70 (120) to 550 (300)mm
35 to 370 (270)mm

Crash-Lock Bottom (Not GM-450P)

Crash-Lock Bottom"A"
Crash-Lock Bottom"B"
Crash-Lock Bottom"C"

190 to 700 (600)mm
120 to 600mm
90 to 370 (320)mm

Specification Table:

Product Video:


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