GM-3500 Auto. Folder Gluer

GM-3500 Auto. Folder Gluer


Equipment Introduction:

GM-3500, a new generation of Auto. Folder Gluer, is specially designed for the materials of cardboard, E, B, A, AB, BC and AC flute corrugated board. In addition to making straight-line, double-side and crash-lock bottom carton, it is available to make 4-corner and 6-corner cartons. GM-3500 is built with high precision and high efficiency technology Auto. 4/6-corner folder gluer.

Main Features:

Feeder Section

Feeder Section

The side guides and supporting shafts at the feeder section are automatically and conveniently adjustable by motor; With Air Pressing Feeding knives to achieve a smooth feeding, even when blanks are curved and transformed on the shapes.

Crash-Lock bottom Section

Crash-Lock bottom Section

Air-type of Upper Pressing Bar to coordinate with longer shape of crash-lock bottom carton. With high-steel of spring hookers to make hooking procedure at higher speed.

The hooks can be positioned automatically. When hooks are not required, they can be simply lifted up by air cylinder and it is no need to disassemble them to fasten the set-up speed.

Two-Piece Jointer (Option)

Two-Piece Jointer (Option)

Unlike other manufacturers’ products, our priority is to pursuit the highest accuracy and lowest consumption by adopting the leading technology of fully automatic Two-Piece Jointer.

Final-Folder Section

Final-Folder Section

Multi-angle guide wheels and large-size folding belts are equipped with high-power motors to produce 3-layer and 5-layer corrugated boxes more stably.

It enforces the folding strength to form cartons precisely and offers a great help to avoid the possibility that the groove lines between flutes become the folding lines and to reduce the problem of fish tails.

Servo Regulator Section

Servo Regulator Section

By using the chains to guide and push the blanks to move correctly without slanting problem for the next procedures.

Trombone Section

Trombone Section

Upper & lower belt carriers are by independently multiple-phase electrical control. According to the blank designs for auto. setting. Available to add Alignment Device to avoid fish-tail problem.

Auto. Glue Injection System

Auto. Glue Injection System

Both Cold Glue and Hot Melt Injection System can be applied to joint medium and large size of cartons.  The jointed effect can be as strong as stitching cartons to reduce the use of metal nails. This is very helpful for recycling purpose.

Pressing Conveyor Section

Pressing Conveyor Section

Heavy duty Pressing Conveyor Section for fast operation to ensure bonding strength without re-opening issue. The electronic sensor can automatically adjust the conveyor speed working with the main machine.

Efficiency Improvement:

We take care of much more details on design and manufacturing of equipment for high efficiency and reduce losses. Improve production to save time and labor.

GM-3500 Auto. Folder Gluer

(The image shown here is indicative only. The actual product may differ.)

Feeding Knives

1.Feeding Knives

According to the thickness of corrugated board, the feeder knives can be automatically positioned without manual adjustment.

Air Type of Upper Pressing bars

5.Air Type of Upper Pressing bars

According to the paper thickness to make micro adjustment by air cylinder for speedy transportation of blanks without pressing mark.

PLC Positioning System with Memory Function

9.PLC Positioning System with Memory Function

Recall periously enterring data to repeat fast auto. positioning correctly. The movement of each carrier is by electrical control which can save time and effort.

Wireless Remote Controller

13.Wireless Remote Controller

By Wireless Remotoe Controll, all the required function can be achieved.

Pressing Wheels for Gluing Flap

2.Pressing Wheels for Gluing Flap

To reduce the difference on pile height of finished carton by pressing the gluing flap so as to have a high-speed stacking at delivery unit.

Air type of Lifting Hook Base

6.Air type of Lifting Hook Base

Hooker base is by electrical control. When they are no used, just simply press the button to lift them up.  The hooker base can be also applied for the space to install Auto. Gluing System to save adjusting time.

Glue-Tank Adjustment by PLC

10.Glue-Tank Adjustment by PLC

By entering data on HMI screen, the lower glue tank can follow the data to adjust the tank according to the position of gluing flap.

Creasing-Wheel Device

3.Creasing Wheel Device

After Servo Regulator Section, the creasing lines are re-enforced by Creasing-Wheel Device to reduce the fish-tail issue.

4-Corner Attachment

7.4-Corner Attachment

Very easy to set up 4-corner size for accurate and fast action of back fingers.

The Down Stacking with Square Device

11.The Down Stacking with Square Device

From the backward pushing regulation coordinating with the sensor control of Convetyor to stack up cartons orderly to efficently solve the fish-tail issues.

Seperatable Upper-Belt Carrier

4.Seperatable Upper-Belt Carrier

The Upper-Belt Carrier of Crash-Lock Bottom Section can be moved forward and backward for fast change-over. Only a few screws to be removed for the movement.

6-Corner Folder

8.6-Corner Folder

Conveient operation for 6-corner cartons at stable and high-speed production. Higher vaiablity to make versatile designs of carton

Pressing Conveyor by Motorization System

12.Pressing Conveyor by Motorization System

Adustment of Pressing Conveyor by motorizaiton for fast change-over to save time and effort.


Packaging Product Examples:

Blank Size:

Straight Line

Straight Line

Straight Line"A"
Straight Line"B"
Straight Line"C"

500 to 3,500mm
200 to 1,100mm
240 to 1,740mm




350 to 2,150mm
200 to 1,100mm
Min. 30mm

Crash-Lock Bottom

Crash-Lock Bottom

Crash-Lock Bottom"A"
Crash-Lock Bottom"B"
Crash-Lock Bottom"C"

515 to 3,400mm
190 to 1,100mm
250 to 1,740mm




650 to 2,000mm
200 to 1,100mm
Min. 30mm

Double Sides

Double Sides

Double Sides"A"
Double Sides"B"
Double Sides"C"

Max. 1,800mm
200 to 1,100mm
Min. 400mm

Two-Piece jointer

Two-Piece jointer

Two-Piece jointer"A"
Two-Piece jointer"B"
Two-Piece jointer"C"

670 to 1,650mm
350 to 1,100mm
Min. 30mm

Specification Table:

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