CUP-450 Coffee Cup Sleeve Making Machine


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Equipment Introduction:

CUP-450 Coffee Cup Sleeve Making Machine is mainly designed for making micro-flute corrugated cup sleeves. To reach speedy and stable production, each section is designed for fast adjustment to increase excellent efficiency improvement.

Main Features:

Feeder Section

Equipped with a vibration motor for smooth feeding. And built with an independent operation panel and monitoring screen.

Pressing Conveyor Section

Fast operation of Pressing Conveyor. A firm pressure can be secured without opening issue.  Auto. speed adjustment by electrical induction according to production rate.

Final Folder Section

At high speed production, the folding knife device can precisely fold creasing lines to coordinate with the subsequent automatic packaging operation line.

Trombone Section

The upper and lower carrier-belts can be adjusted independently. During production, no matter the speed is fast or slow, they can automatically track and locate.

Intelligent HMI

Equipped with intelligent Human and Machine Interface. Operation panel can be easily understood at a glance.


Auto. Glue Injection System
Quality Assurance System
CE Certificate
Auxiliary Receiving Conveyor
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Packaging Product Examples:

Cup Sleeve box
Small box
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Blank Size:

Straight Line

Straight Line"A"
Straight Line"B"
Straight Line"C"

60 to 450mm
35 to 250mm
35 to 145mm

Specification Table:

Product Video:


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