Down-Folding Type Folder Gluer


Equipment Introduction:

The Down-Folding Type Folder Gluer Model GM-2200/2600D is specially designed for making RSC cartons. At a stable and high production capacity, Auto. Tying Unit can be connected in the end of the machine. With Intelligent HMI System and digital adjustment, the change-over time is fast. By the same numbers of operators, the production efficiency can be even higher comparatively.

Main Features:


Correct feeding without skewness by suction and hole-belts. Electrical control of left and right baffles. Built with a pneumatic auxiliary feeding knife and paper holder.

Control Panel

Mechanical buttons to control various auxiliary devices and equipped with a HMI touching panel.


Multi-angle guide wheels and large-size folding belts are equipped with high-power motors to produce 3-layer and 5-layer corrugated boxes more stably.

Stacking and Square Unit

Auto. stacking and align cartons. After counting to a certain number of cartons, then auto. delivery.

Square and Delivery Unit

Auto. counting and delivery. The stacked output can be directly packed and shipped.

Efficiency Improvement:

Take care of much more details on design and manufacturing of equipment for high efficiency and reduce losses. Improve production to save time and labor.

(The image shown here is indicative only. The actual product may differ.)

1.Control Panel of Feeder Unit

Available to adjust Feeder independently. Electrically control of left and right baffles. With switch of Suction Device. The Feeder Base is by air control for up and down movement to save the disassembly and adjusting time.

5.Blower Unit

Regulator by jogging is equipped with 2 sets of blower to press down cartons fast and correctly to avoid paper collisions.

2.Control Panel of Folder Unit

The carriers of Folder Unit and position of upper glue tank are all by electrical control to save time and labor on adjustment.


After passing through the Feeder unit with Regulator and then enter the Folder Unit, the issue of fish tail can be avoided.

4.Gluing Unit

With standard and big volume of glut tank. The embossing design of glue wheel can save about 10% of glue consumption. International brands of Auto. Glue Injection System can be adopted as an option.


CE Certificate
Auto. Glue Injection System
Auto. Tying Machine
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Packaging Product Examples:

3-ply and 5-ply corrugated board
Large carton
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Blank Size:

Straight Line

Straight Line"A"
Straight Line"B"
Straight Line"C"

800 to 2,600 (2,200) mm
300 to 1,100mm
Min. 35mm

Specification Table:

Product Video:


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