Pile Turner for Auto. Laminator

Pile Turner for Auto. Laminator


Equipment Introduction:

Auto. Pile Turner is designed and manufactured to support Auto. Flute Laminator to reach its highest performance. Usually, to do the pile turning by manual to reduce bending problem, the max. average speed is about 4000 or 5000 sheet only. Moreover, it requires a lot of labor for the heavy job. To in-line Auto. Pile Turner with Auto. Flute Laminator, more than 50 percent of capacity can be increased.

Main Features:

  • In-line with Auto. Flute Laminator to collect laminated sheets frontside and backside to avoid curving.

  • The operator only needs to pull out the stacking papers by normal hand-lifter.

  • Paper stacking system makes the laminator produce in the high-speed without stopping the machine to collect the laminated sheets.

  • The HMI (Human-Computer Interaction) system is easy to operate. We can check all the data and the mechanical problems during the production by the monitor.

  • Suitable for various brands of Flute Laminator.

  • Easy storage structure which can allow manual collection without using Auto. Pile Turner, if necessary.

Pile Turner for Auto. Laminator

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