PFL Smart Flute Laminator

PFL Smart Flute Laminator


Equipment Introduction:

The High Speed Laminator is an advanced machine with the advantages of easy and friendly operation. It requires less experience from operators. By simply entering the related sheet specification. the width of both top and bottom sheet will be automatically positioned to shorten the set-up time. The laminated work is accurately achieved and less skill is required for the machine operation.

Main Features:


Top Feeder

There are 4 suckers and 4 releasers at Top Feeder for stable and high speed feeding. It is built with double-sheet detecting system to monitor production control.

PLC Automatic Positioning System

PLC Automatic Positioning System

By simply entering the related sheet specification,the width of both top and bottom sheet can be automatically positioned to shorten the set-up time. Recording capacity for 250 sets of produciton order.


Bottom Feeder

Built with suction blower and hole-belts for stable feeding. By electrical control of supporting bar which is helpful for long sheet production.


Gluing and Laminating

Circulating type of glue supply. Steel wheel coated uniformly without glue splash. Sync settings for both top and bottom paper according to paper thickness quickly. The Moisture System of Watering Roller for bottom sheets offers an excellent solution for curved issues after lamination.


Pressing Conveyor

The heavy-duty Press Conveyor does press the glue quickly and adopts electric control operation, saving time and effort. Available to install the optional Auto. Pile Turner in the end of the machine to collect laminated sheets front-side and backside to avoid paper curving and save labor.

PFL Smart Flute Laminator

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