PH-A Chain-Type Auto. Flute Laminator

Model:PH-A-1100 – 1900(L)

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Equipment Introduction:

The applicable materials can be single-face F-flute up to A+B corrugated board laminated with cardboard. It is also available to laminate cardboard with cardboard. The top feeder made in Taiwan is the same technical grade for printing machine. It is easy to deliver sheets and maintain long life time to use. Corrugated boards are delivered smoothly by Japan-made NITTA suction belts with vacuum system. The gap and pressure can be adjusted by rubber wheels, so it is suitable to work 3-ply and 5-ply corrugated boards.

Main Features:

Top Feeder

There are 4 suckers and 4 releasers at Top Feeder for stable and high speed feeding. It is built with double-sheet detecting system to monitor production.

Bottom Feeder

Built with suction blower and hole-belts for stable feeding. By electrical control of supporting bar which is helpful for long sheet production. The majority of mechanical components are adjustable and even excellent for feeding 3 or 5-ply corrugated board.

Gluing and Laminating

By the Glue Circulation System, the extra glue can be recycled automatically to save glue consumption. . The glue coating by embossing steel gluing rollers achieves balanced gluing and avoid glue splash. The Moisture System of Watering Roller for bottom sheets offers an excellent solution for curved issues after lamination.

Pressing Conveyor

The heavy-duty Press Conveyor does press the glue quickly and adopts electric control operation, saving time and effort. Available to install the optional Auto. Pile Turner in the end of the machine to collect laminated sheets front-side and backside to avoid paper curving and save labor.


Pile Turner for Auto. Laminator
CE Certification
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Packaging Product Examples:

White cardboard
Gray cardboard
Heavy solid board
Corrugated cardboard
Kraft paper
3-ply and 5-ply corrugated board
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Specification Table:

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